Lauren & Scott’s Wedding

February 21, 2015
Silverpick Lodge & Sow’s Ear Restaurant
Durango, CO
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Ceremony & Reception Venue: Silverpick Lodge | Hair & Make-up: Mary Beth @ Hair Fusion | Reception: Sow’s Ear Restaurant

Cake: Angela Heuman | Getting Ready Location: Silverpick Lodge

Sound & Mobile DJ: Ken Brott | Florist: Blossom

Alix and Jesse’s Engagement Shoot

February 12th, 2015
Fort Lewis College and Downtown 
Durango, CO

We had a great day with Alix and Jesse during their engagement shoot. The adorable couple plan on having their wedding late September. Their smiles, and a super warm, winter day made for some really great pictures. We are excited to be with them on their wedding day.

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Travis & Lauren’s Wedding

January 24, 2015
Blue Lake Ranch and Ridgewood Event Center
Hesperus, Colorado
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Ceremony & Reception Venue: Ridgewood Event Center | Hair & Make-up: Hair Fusion | Catering: Blue Lake Ranch

Cake: Shiloh Bakery | Getting Ready Location:  Blue Lake Ranch

Officiant: Reverend Chessa Gill