Brittany & Joe’s Wedding in Southern California!

November 14, 2015
Private Ranch
Bonsall, California

Thank you for including us on your magical wedding day.  It was such a treat to be with both of you again and this time to meet your wonderful families and amazing friends.  Health, happiness and best wishes!!!

Drew, Elli and the IlluminArts Staff

 IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango_B&J_P4 IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango_B&J_P23 IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango_B&J_P24 IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango_B&J_P1 IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango_B&J_P15 IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango_B&J_P16 IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango_B&J_P14 IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango_B&J_P20 IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango_B&J_P8 IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango_B&J_P9 IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango_B&J_P21 IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango_B&J_P10 IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango_B&J_P12 IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango_B&J_P11 IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango_B&J_P19 IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango_B&J_P22IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango_B&J_P13 IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango_B&J_P5 IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango_B&J_P3 IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango_B&J_P6 IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango_B&J_P2 IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango_B&J_P7
IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango_B&J_P25 IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango_B&J_P18 IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango_B&J_P17


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Wedding Venue: Private Estate  |  Wedding Coordinator: Michelle Dixon, The Coordinator M.D.    |   Officiant: Fred Deprez    |   Primping: Rare Bird Brides

Dress Designer: DennisBasso   |   Cake: The Crimson Cake   |  Bar Services:  First String Bartending  |  Caterer:  The Wild Thyme

Flowers: JD Florals   |  Ceremony Music:  Spags Music   |  DJ Services:  RSVP DJ’s   |  Photo Booth:  Optic Photo Booth

Rentals: Raphael’s Rentals    |   Restrooms:  VIP Restrooms    |   Transportation:  ULC Limos    |  Guest Shuttles:  Elite Transportation     |   Valet:  ABC Valet

Videography:   Nick Cruz

Tanya & Greg’s Wedding in La Plata Canyon – Durango, Colorado!

October 3, 2015
Blue Lake Ranch and La Plata Canyon
Hesperus, Colorado

For Tanya and Greg, adventure and love in La Plata Canyon outside of beautiful Durango, Colorado was the best way to celebrate their union.  It was a treasure to be a part of their magical day.  Thank you to you both for including us in all the fun and we wish you the absolute best.  May more adventure continue in your married lives together!


Janna, Drew and the IAP Team

  •  p2_t&g_IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango, Colorado p1_t&g_IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango, Colorado p15_t&g_IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango, Colorado p6_t&g_IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango, Colorado p12_t&g_IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango, Colorado p11_t&g_IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango, Colorado p3_t&g_IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango, Colorado p14_t&g_IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango, Colorado p7_t&g_IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango, Colorado p9_t&g_IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango, Colorado p8_t&g_IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango, Colorado p5_t&g_IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango, Colorado p13_t&g_IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango, Colorado p10_t&g_IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango, Colorado p4_t&g_IlluminArts_Wedding_Durango, Colorado

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Hair & Make-up: Hair Fusion | Getting Ready and Jeep Pickup: Blue Lake Ranch

Jeep Tour:  Outlaw Tours

Emily and Garrett’s Wedding in Telluride, Colorado!

October 3, 2015
San Sofia Overlook and the Ridge Club
Telluride, Colorado

From the entire team at IlluminArts we wish you both the very best with your amazing future together.  We’re so excited for you and your families and friends! Thank you for including us in all the love, fun and adventure that was your gorgeous wedding day.  Simply perfect!

Drew, Abbi and the IlluminArts Staff

 p8_IlluminArts_E&G_Wedding_Telluride p2_IlluminArts_E&G_Wedding_Telluride p1_IlluminArts_E&G_Wedding_Telluride p4_IlluminArts_E&G_Wedding_Telluride p9_IlluminArts_E&G_Wedding_Telluride p3_IlluminArts_E&G_Wedding_Telluride p5_IlluminArts_E&G_Wedding_Telluride p11_IlluminArts_E&G_Wedding_Telluride p6_IlluminArts_E&G_Wedding_Telluride p7_IlluminArts_E&G_Wedding_Telluride p15_IlluminArts_E&G_Wedding_Telluride p16_IlluminArts_E&G_Wedding_Telluride p13_IlluminArts_E&G_Wedding_Telluride p23_IlluminArts_E&G_Wedding_Telluride p18_IlluminArts_E&G_Wedding_Telluride p20_IlluminArts_E&G_Wedding_Telluride p22_IlluminArts_E&G_Wedding_Telluride p14_IlluminArts_E&G_Wedding_Telluride p17_IlluminArts_E&G_Wedding_Telluride p19_IlluminArts_E&G_Wedding_Telluride p10_IlluminArts_E&G_Wedding_Telluride p21_IlluminArts_E&G_Wedding_Telluride p12_IlluminArts_E&G_Wedding_Telluride

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Ceremony  Venue: Telluride Ski Resort  |  Reception Location: The Ridge Club    |   Officiant: Susie St. Onge

Cake: Roxie Smith  |  Getting Ready Location:  The Ridge Club  |  Wedding Coordinator:  Marilyn Siegel

Flowers, Food, Coordination, Decorations, Lighting:  The Yellow Carrot - Durango, Colorado